My Experience on “The Entrepreneurship Course” – News Letter Masdar (YFEL)


Young Future Energy Leaders an initiative program started by Masdar Institute of Science & Technology (A prestigious University established by Mubadla) organised the “Entrepreneurship Course” for their YFEL students on 12th & 13th of November in the Westin Hotel Abu Dhabi.

This course comprised of professors and young entrepreneur speakers who had successfully executed their business idea locally and internationally.
Open to all nationals, the workshop had been designed to educate and allow young future student entrepreneurs in developing specialised skills in management, marketing, finance and accounting in order to strengthen their ability to build and manage effective and profitable organisations. The Key facilitator in this workshop consisted of discussions on “How to Become an Highly Effective Leader, How to Incorporate Ethics & Social Responsibility Challenges, How to adapt an Entrepreneurial Mindset through Innovation/Value Proposition and Learn How to Effectively Use Social Media as a Marketing Tool”.

Through this workshop YFEL aimed to provide their students with an opportunities to develop and strengthen their skills necessary in the working world, & to deliver a better tomorrow for them.

Being a part of this workshop, I realised that YFEL was continuously working towards broadening the knowledge base of their youth to create a strong workforce for tomorrow and to encourage an intercultural understanding within them. The purpose of this workshop was also to introduce the concepts of entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity that are deemed crucial for student’s professional personal development, and to develop their work-readiness skills in an increasing competitive work environment.

As part of this remarkable workshop, I thoroughly enjoyed a course lecture on Energy Entrepreneurship in the UAE given by Dr Inas Khayal and her student Mr. Yousif Al Abd. They not only covered the theoretical part of explaining the basics of opening your own business but also indulged a practical sense of explaining us the definition of “Elevator Pitch” in approaching big Investors with a business plan. Each group comprising of 4 students were asked to imagine and develop a business plan for 20 minutes and then impress their professor by pitching their idea within 5 minutes. The purpose of this game was to educate students about skills needed in impressing people within a given time limit, and develop strong self-introduction and presentation skills in approaching big investors.

I would like to say that it was my pleasure to attend “The Entrepreneurship course” as it gave us the general highlight of how to start-up your own business in the future. Special thanks to the faculty memebers and staff for making this event enjoyable & fruitful.


Special Thanks to

Admin Mnagement Team– Ruth Limon, Zainab Al Ali, Sarah Bawazir.

Faculty Members – Dr.Inas Khayal, Ms Tushita, Dr Toufic Mezher, Dr Karen Hersey, Nejib Zaafrani, Dr Steve Griffiths, Dr Bruce Ferguson, Dr Yousef Al Abad, Mohammed Kazim.


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