Leadership Workshop- Being a Future Leader

Masdar Institute of Science & Technology recently hosted a two day workshop on Leadership for their YFEL participants. The workshop was hosted by Dr. Kevin Garvey, Dr. Ken Volk and Dr. Glenda El Gamal (Professor’s at Masdar) on 8th & 9th of October at Crown Plaza hotel located in Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.
This two day workshop on Being a Future Leader constituted of short lectures, group discussions, hand- on playful fun activities, personality assessment tests, decision making questionnaire survey forms, and panel presentations. Our YFEL students were seen enjoying this workshop and at the same time were seen more confident in expressing their viewpoints on leadership. They were outspoken and were very enthusiastic in sharing and discussing about what leadership approaches were being adapted by their managers at their workplace.
The Leadership topics covered in this course were very informative and somehow matched with the personality of various YFEL participants. Many of us discovered about our personality types and were very curious to know as to which category of leadership style’s we belonged and adapted such as Laissez-faire, Participative, Authoritarian, Narcissistic, Toxic, Noble, Charismatic, Autocratic and Micro-management.
Through this course we learnt about strategies, techniques and specific skills we could adapt and apply as a Future Leader in order to succeed and progress in a long-term Scenario. Many of our working students realised that the true essence of leadership lies in two words Compliance and Commitment, which needs to be installed within every person in order to reach success. Not only that through One-way communication tests our students were amazed to find out how miscommunication or one-way communication in an organisation could lead to a severe misunderstanding and problems among employees; which could result in decreased outcome. Thus they realised that two way communication as a System thinking in a learning Organisation was some thing that should be adapted and followed by employees in every professional organisational context for a better future and living.
One of the best enjoyable fun part of this Leadership course was an Egg- Protection game; In this game every group was given a similar task of protecting the egg with some resources provided without breaking it. The aim of this game was to exhibit leadership skills on know we could protect the egg by discussing our ideas with the group and encourage a two-way communication approach. Thus many students succeeded in this challenge and were motivated to adapt two-way communication approach as one of the most important strategy.
Being a part of this Leadership course, I would like to thank all the YFEL staff, and Professors for making this event workshop so fruitful and enjoyable.
All Thanks to – Ruth Limon, Zainab AL Ali, Sara Bawazir, Dr. Kevin Garvey, Dr. Ken Volk, and Glendale El Gamal.

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