Gulf Food Hospitality and Catering Exhibition 2013 – Dubai World Trade Center

With more than 1000 entries this year, Gulf Food has become one of the biggest highlights and most happening event for many international and national catering chefs, food manufacturing – trading and FMCG marketing distributing companies seeking for a global exposure and partnership opportunities in expanding their mark and presence in the UAE.

The inauguration of the Gulf Food 2013 was done by H.H Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance and H.E Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid Al Qasimi, UAE Minister for Foreign Trade. During the show live events, conferences, seminars, workshops and competitions were organized to share knowledge on latest business trends, new products, food processing, food packaging, food inspection and more.

Trade visitors and businesses seeker’s from all around the world had attended this hospitality event to get new ideas and opportunities in the food, hotel and catering sector from and in Middle East, Africa and South Asia. An important highlight of this event was the baking and pastry competitions among global chefs, young bakers and pastry makers who had come from all around the world to compete and showcase their culinary skills in baking and building pastry guilds for winning the “Best chef medal of Middle East.
Miss Uwe Micheal Director of kitchens at Radisson Blue Hotel Dubai Deira Creek and President of the Emirates Culinary Guild said that “It is always great to win medals but it’s not the key thing. The most important thing for our industry is to get people together and learn from each other”.
pic gulf
Being part of Gulf Food for these  4 days as a Marketing Host, I thoroughly enjoyed this whole event and was working with one of the global coffee brand “Trung Nguyen”; that had come all the way from Vietnam to market themselves in the MENA region just to create a brand awareness among visitors and exhibitors about their coffee brand and other distributing food and beverage companies  interested in trading and exporting their business plan across the GCC region.
Special Thanks to Dubai World Trade Center and to their Management Team for putting up such a great show…
Keep it Up!

My Experience on “The Entrepreneurship Course” – News Letter Masdar (YFEL)


Young Future Energy Leaders an initiative program started by Masdar Institute of Science & Technology (A prestigious University established by Mubadla) organised the “Entrepreneurship Course” for their YFEL students on 12th & 13th of November in the Westin Hotel Abu Dhabi.

This course comprised of professors and young entrepreneur speakers who had successfully executed their business idea locally and internationally.
Open to all nationals, the workshop had been designed to educate and allow young future student entrepreneurs in developing specialised skills in management, marketing, finance and accounting in order to strengthen their ability to build and manage effective and profitable organisations. The Key facilitator in this workshop consisted of discussions on “How to Become an Highly Effective Leader, How to Incorporate Ethics & Social Responsibility Challenges, How to adapt an Entrepreneurial Mindset through Innovation/Value Proposition and Learn How to Effectively Use Social Media as a Marketing Tool”.

Through this workshop YFEL aimed to provide their students with an opportunities to develop and strengthen their skills necessary in the working world, & to deliver a better tomorrow for them.

Being a part of this workshop, I realised that YFEL was continuously working towards broadening the knowledge base of their youth to create a strong workforce for tomorrow and to encourage an intercultural understanding within them. The purpose of this workshop was also to introduce the concepts of entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity that are deemed crucial for student’s professional personal development, and to develop their work-readiness skills in an increasing competitive work environment.

As part of this remarkable workshop, I thoroughly enjoyed a course lecture on Energy Entrepreneurship in the UAE given by Dr Inas Khayal and her student Mr. Yousif Al Abd. They not only covered the theoretical part of explaining the basics of opening your own business but also indulged a practical sense of explaining us the definition of “Elevator Pitch” in approaching big Investors with a business plan. Each group comprising of 4 students were asked to imagine and develop a business plan for 20 minutes and then impress their professor by pitching their idea within 5 minutes. The purpose of this game was to educate students about skills needed in impressing people within a given time limit, and develop strong self-introduction and presentation skills in approaching big investors.

I would like to say that it was my pleasure to attend “The Entrepreneurship course” as it gave us the general highlight of how to start-up your own business in the future. Special thanks to the faculty memebers and staff for making this event enjoyable & fruitful.


Special Thanks to

Admin Mnagement Team– Ruth Limon, Zainab Al Ali, Sarah Bawazir.

Faculty Members – Dr.Inas Khayal, Ms Tushita, Dr Toufic Mezher, Dr Karen Hersey, Nejib Zaafrani, Dr Steve Griffiths, Dr Bruce Ferguson, Dr Yousef Al Abad, Mohammed Kazim.

Leadership Workshop- Being a Future Leader

Masdar Institute of Science & Technology recently hosted a two day workshop on Leadership for their YFEL participants. The workshop was hosted by Dr. Kevin Garvey, Dr. Ken Volk and Dr. Glenda El Gamal (Professor’s at Masdar) on 8th & 9th of October at Crown Plaza hotel located in Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.
This two day workshop on Being a Future Leader constituted of short lectures, group discussions, hand- on playful fun activities, personality assessment tests, decision making questionnaire survey forms, and panel presentations. Our YFEL students were seen enjoying this workshop and at the same time were seen more confident in expressing their viewpoints on leadership. They were outspoken and were very enthusiastic in sharing and discussing about what leadership approaches were being adapted by their managers at their workplace.
The Leadership topics covered in this course were very informative and somehow matched with the personality of various YFEL participants. Many of us discovered about our personality types and were very curious to know as to which category of leadership style’s we belonged and adapted such as Laissez-faire, Participative, Authoritarian, Narcissistic, Toxic, Noble, Charismatic, Autocratic and Micro-management.
Through this course we learnt about strategies, techniques and specific skills we could adapt and apply as a Future Leader in order to succeed and progress in a long-term Scenario. Many of our working students realised that the true essence of leadership lies in two words Compliance and Commitment, which needs to be installed within every person in order to reach success. Not only that through One-way communication tests our students were amazed to find out how miscommunication or one-way communication in an organisation could lead to a severe misunderstanding and problems among employees; which could result in decreased outcome. Thus they realised that two way communication as a System thinking in a learning Organisation was some thing that should be adapted and followed by employees in every professional organisational context for a better future and living.
One of the best enjoyable fun part of this Leadership course was an Egg- Protection game; In this game every group was given a similar task of protecting the egg with some resources provided without breaking it. The aim of this game was to exhibit leadership skills on know we could protect the egg by discussing our ideas with the group and encourage a two-way communication approach. Thus many students succeeded in this challenge and were motivated to adapt two-way communication approach as one of the most important strategy.
Being a part of this Leadership course, I would like to thank all the YFEL staff, and Professors for making this event workshop so fruitful and enjoyable.
All Thanks to – Ruth Limon, Zainab AL Ali, Sara Bawazir, Dr. Kevin Garvey, Dr. Ken Volk, and Glendale El Gamal.

Importance of Business Management in 21st Century———-

Of the current importance in this 21st century is the development of the multinational enterprises and the impact of foreign direct investment, which is acting as a vehicle for the increased globalisation of business activity.

Foreign direct investment has become the fastest increasing productive unit in the developed countries such as UAE, USA, Japan, Taiwan, UK.  None of these multinationals are confined to solely Japanese manufacturing companies, as the impact of new global technology and information systems is leading to a wider range of opportunities. Indeed, Numura securities in the Finance section, as well as the French car company, Peugeot, provide an example of the diverse range of Multinational Business activities in the UK alone.

Hence considering the above information why should one be interested in studying International Business Management?

The study of International Business offers the possibility of studying and completing a work placement in another country it includes the development of skills as students learn to think in the business context of another trading nation. There is much to be learnt from how business is carried out across a wide range of newly emerging markets, as well as gaining an understanding of various business practices in the more affluent nations, including European countries, Japan and the US. A wide range of international options are available for study for students, including Global Environment Management, International Marketing and Global Information Technology.

Students could also gain many other benefits arising from the study of an International Business degree, besides increased job prospects. Some of these stem from the opportunity to work on projects in cross cultural groups, learning new techniques arising from working with people with a wider range of business cultures. In terms of curriculum units, the International Business Management studies offer the opportunities for students to gain fluency in another language such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish or Italian. Particular emphasis is placed on the acquisition of a foreign language in the business context, and some institutions offer the opportunity to study two languages.

Some universities are pioneering the development of study periods abroad taught in English, as well as providing opportunities to study in a foreign language. This is an extremely useful development for those who wish to achieve an understanding of how business is carried out across other countries, but have a limited knowledge of languages. These can also be taken up at various stages of the degree programme, providing continuous access to the development of linguistic skills. The International Business degree course can then be completed in either 3 or 4 years, depending on whether students decide to take up the Industrial Placement year. These initiatives are increasingly being developed as new and exciting opportunities arise from the opening up of trade.

Hooria Muhammed Tariq

Born and raised in United Arab Emirates

Passionate about Business Management and Marketing!